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Located on the East coast of the Mediterranean Sea Lebanon is at the meeting point of three continent Europe , Asia and Africa. Lebanon has been the crossroad of many civilizations , the traces of which can still be seen today. Its countryside is a place of rocks, cedar trees and magnificent ruins that look down from the mountains to the sea. Lebanon shares its boundaries with Syria and Israel.



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Our headquarter office is in Beirut Lebanon, Horsh Tabet , Sin El Fil since January 2010 till today , covers of 120 square meters , with 2 floors , one big scale , kitchen and bathroom .

Dedalos Group Sarl is a tour operator incorporated in Beirut, Lebanon, ( former LTS Travel) specialized for Europe.

Our mission lies in the gap for a reliable tour operator specialized in Europe for packages and ad hoc groups , between the Lebanese and the other countries like Jordan, Iraq, Syria and Egypt with a safe, reliable and economical solution to travel by air and live the experience of travel with low cost prices and good services on time.

Our business philosophy is to travel safe, economy with high quality of services, in another word “Client come first”.


Dedalos Group Sarl

D.Hayek Street. 30 Ground Floor

Horsh Tabet – Sin El Fil

Beirut – Lebanon

Tel: +9611 493453 – 454

Fax: +9611 493455